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Release JavaScript SDK

· One min read
Nicu Micle

Finally, the JavaScript SDK for Simple JWT Login has been released. You can now use it in your projects:

npm install "simple-jwt-login"

or if you prefer yarn:

yarn add "simple-jwt-login"

You can find the package code on github:

Feel free to star the repository, check the code, create issues or even share it on social media.

Now, with just a few lines of code, you are able to call Simple-JWT-Login endpoints.

Here is a simple register example using the JS SDK:

import { SimpleJwtLogin } from "simple-jwt-login";

const simpleJwtLogin = new SimpleJwtLogin(
let params = {
email: "",
password: "my-secret-password",
nickname: "coolnickname",

let result = simpleJwtLogin.registerUser(params, "MY_AUTH_KEY");

And voilà. A new user is registered.

With this SDK, with just a few lines of code, you can:

  • Autologin to WordPress
  • Delete a user
  • Register a user
  • Reset user password
  • Change user password
  • Authenticate into WordPress
  • Refresh a token
  • Validate a token
  • Revoke a token