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Simple JWT Login is a FREE WordPress plugin that allows you to use a JWT on WordPress REST endpoints.


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Some awesome features

Auto Login

You are able to auto-login into a WordPress website with a JWT.

Register Users

API endpoint that allows you to register new users in WordPress.

Delete Users

Delete Users with JWT.

Authenticate users

API endpoint to Generate a JWT, refresh JWT and invalidate JWT.

Limit access by IP

Limit access to Simple-JWT-Login only for specific IP addresses.

Create users with different roles

You are able to create multiple users with different roles on the same endpoint.

Integrate with other plugins

This plugin works well in combination with other plugins that extends the WordPRess REST API.

Allow JWT usage on other enpoints

Add a JWT to requests for other api endpoints and you will act as an authenticated user.

Simple JWT Login SDKs


This composer packages will help you integrate your PHP application with Simple-JWT-login



Integrate your application with Simple-JWT-login

Coming soon


Here you can have your logo and some description about your company.


Here you can have your logo and some description about your company.



Awesome plugin

"The plugin works perfect and the support is even better!"

Thanks for a great plugin

"Works like a dream. Does what it needs to do. Thanks!"

Amazing work

"This plugin serves now as a one-stop shop for JWT authentication, esp for headless WP/web app setups. The even better part is the author who’s extremely helpful, swift in responding & fixing issues, acknowledging improvement suggestions, pleasing to talk to and patient. I hope you can keep up the dedicated work, Nicu!"

Really good plugin, very straight forward

"Really good plugin, very straight forward to use"