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Welcome to the new Simple JWT Login Website

· One min read
Nicu Micle

I'm very excited about this new website for Simple JWT Login, using Docusaurus 2.

Docusaurus offered me a simple way, to write documentation, and also build the website in the same place. The learning curve was fast, and I enjoyed writing code in React.

Previous website

Previously, I've used docsify ( Also, a very cool site documentation generator) and the website has been made in PHP.

It was very hard to do changes, and add new pages because that involved a lot of coding, writing routes, and loading content.

About the blog

While writing documentation, it came to my mind that it will also be cool to start a blog. In this blog I'm planning to write real world use-cases of the plugin and write announcements about the plugin.

So, if you are interested on what features have been implemented, or what tips&tricks you can use while you develop your website, keep an eye on this blog.

Also, I'm planning to publish the documentation to GitHub, so that, anybody can add/modify the things there. In fact, this documentation is made for you to understand.

I hope that, with the help of the community, there will be much easier for new users to use this plugin.