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New Plugin Release 3.4.5

· One min read
Nicu Micle

The version 3.4.5 has been released today on WordPress.

New cool features have been included.

The following changes have been deployed:

  • Add Redirect on Fail Autologin
  • Shortcode for displaying Autologin errors

1. Add Redirect on Fail

This feature will allow you to set a Redirect URL in case the Autologin fails.

The autologin can fail, if the JWT is invalid, or if it is expired. This way, you can display a cool page to your users.

2. Shortcode for displaying Autologin errors

The new shortcode can be used to display the failed autologin error.

The shortcode looks like this:

  [simple-jwt-login:request key="error_code"]


  [simple-jwt-login:request key="error_message"]

Also, in case you have extra query parameters in your URL, you can display them using this shortcode. You just need to set the key of the Query parameter.

URL Example: is an error

[simple-jwt-login:request key="error_code"] will display : 21

[simple-jwt-login:request key="error_message"] will display : This is an error

[simple-jwt-login:request key="my_parameter"] will display : test


These Shortcodes will remove all the HTML tags