Frequently asked questions

1. Is this plugin secure?

Yes. In this plugin you can choose witch action you allow. For example, you can only allow login and authenticate and all the other actions will be disabled.

2. How can I see the meaning of an error code?

You have a dedicated "Error Codes" section in the Documentation. There you have an explanation for each error code.

3. Does this plugin work with BuddyPress plugin?

Yes. This plugin works with BuddyPress. You can access BuddyPress private REST API endpoints by providing a JWT in the REQUEST. You just have to enable the option "Allow JWT usage on other endpoints" from Simple JWT Login "General" Settings.

4. Can I use a Public key and a Private Key as "Decryption key" for this plugin?

Yes. You need to store the public and private key in the plugin "General" Settings.

5. Can I add user_meta for new registered users?

Yes. Just go to the "Register" section from Simple JWT Login plugin settings, and add the meta that you want to allow on user registration. Also, you can check the Documentation for more information.

6. Does this plugin support ForceLogin plugin? I protect my website to be accessed only by authenticated users.

Yes. This plugin has built in integration with the ForceLogin.

7. Can I register users with different roles?

Yes. You can assign a user role for each "Auth Key". Depending on what user role you want to create, just add that Auth key to the request.

For any other question, you can write a message in the support forum and I will get back to you as soon as possible.