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New Plugin Release 3.4.5

ยท One min read
Nicu Micle

The version 3.4.5 has been released today on WordPress.

New cool features have been included.

The following changes have been deployed:

  • Add Redirect on Fail Autologin
  • Shortcode for displaying Autologin errors

1. Add Redirect on Failโ€‹

This feature will allow you to set a Redirect URL in case the Autologin fails.

The autologin can fail, if the JWT is invalid, or if it is expired. This way, you can display a cool page to your users.

2. Shortcode for displaying Autologin errorsโ€‹

The new shortcode can be used to display the failed autologin error.

The shortcode looks like this:

  [simple-jwt-login:request key="error_code"]


  [simple-jwt-login:request key="error_message"]

Also, in case you have extra query parameters in your URL, you can display them using this shortcode. You just need to set the key of the Query parameter.

URL Example: is an error

[simple-jwt-login:request key="error_code"] will display : 21

[simple-jwt-login:request key="error_message"] will display : This is an error

[simple-jwt-login:request key="my_parameter"] will display : test


These Shortcodes will remove all the HTML tags