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Error codes

The Simple-JWT-Login plugin has a separate error code for each error. Using this table, you will be able to find faster your problem.

Error CodeMessageDescription
1Key may not be emptyJWT is missing from request
2Wrong number of segmentsThe JWT contains 3 parts, separated by dots(Header, Payload, Signature). So, your JWT does not have 2 dots in it.
3Invalid header encodingThe encoding of the first part of the JWT, is invalid. This means, that the first part of your JWT is incorrect.
4Invalid claims encodingThe second part of your JWT is invalid.
5Invalid signature encodingThe signature that you provided in "JWT Decryption key" is invalid.
6Empty algorithmThis means, that your JWT has no algorithm specified.
7Algorithm not supportedThe algorithm present in your JWT, is not supported by this plugin.
8Algorithm not allowedThe provided algorithm is not allowed by this plugin.
9'kid' invalid, unable to lookup correct keyYour JWT is malformed.
10'kid' invalid, unable to lookup correct keyYour JWT is malformed.
11Signature verification failedInvalid "JWT Decryption key" provided in config.
12Cannot handle token prior to ...Check that this token has been created before 'now'. Timestamp verified from 'nbf'.
13Cannot handle token prior to ...Check that this token has been created before 'now'. This prevents. Timestamp verified from 'iat'.
14Expired tokenJWT is expired.
15Algorithm not supportedAlgorithm not supported when JWT was signed.
16OpenSSL unable to sign dataError while JWT is signed with OpenSSL.
17Unsupported sign functionInvalid Algorithm provided for JWT when signing
18Algorithm not supportedInvalid Algorithm while trying to verify the JWT
19OpenSSL errorThis is a generic OpenSSL error.
20Null result with non-null inputDecoded JWT is null.
21Null result with non-null inputEncoded JWT is null
22Unknown JSON errorThis is a generic error by JWT. More details are provided in the message.
23Wrong Request.JWT is missing in the auto-login process.
24User not found.This error occurs when the user is not found. For login and delete endpoint: there is no user in WordPress with the email or ID provided in JWT.
26Auto-login is not enabled on this website.You have to enable auto-login from plugin settings.
27Invalid Auth Code provided.The Auth code provided is invalid or missing. You should use one that you have saved in your plugin settings
28This IP is not allowed to auto-login.You can not auto-login from this IP. Some IP's are specified in plugin settings that can auto-login into WordPress
29Unable to find property in JWT.The user sub-key property can not be found in JWT
30Unable to find property in JWT.The user key property can not be found in JWT
31Register is not allowed.Register is disabled from settings
32Invalid Auth CodeInvalid auth code provided on register endpoint. You can use auth codes that are generated in your plugin settings.
33This IP is not allowed to register users.You can not register users from this IP. The allowed IPs are saved in plugin settings
35Missing email or password.Missing email or password from your register new user request
36Invalid email address.The value provided for email is not a valid email.
37This website does not allow users from this domain.The email domain is not allowed to register to this WordPress. The allowed domains are saved in plugin settings.
38User already exists.The user that you are trying to create already exists. Try a different email address.
39Delete is not enabled.The plugin delete endpoint is not enabled for this website. This can be enabled from plugin settings.
40Missing AUTH KEYMissing Auth Key from Delete. You can find your generated auth keys in plugin settings.
41You are not allowed to delete users from this IPYou can not delete users only from the IPs that are set in plugin settings.
42The 'jwt' parameter is missing.The JWT parameter is missing from the request.
43Invalid method for this route.The route that you are calling does not exist.
44Invalid route name.Route name is invalid.
45Authentication is not enabled.Authentication enabled is set to "No" in the plugin settings.
46Autnentication missing email.Your request does not contain the email address.
47Authentication missing password.Password is missing from the request.
48Authentication wrong credentialsEmail or password is incorrect.
49JWT payload is not correct.Check your JWT payload. After decoding it, it resulted null. it should be an JSON.
50JWT is too old to be refreshed.The JWT generated time is too old. You can not refresh this token.
51JWT is missing from /auth/refreshThe JWT parameter was not sent to the /auth/refresh endpoint.
52Unable to create user.There was an error while trying to create the user.