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The MailPoet add-on allows you to automatically login users from the newsletter sent by MailPoet into a WordPress website using a JWT.

This add-on will generate short codes that can be used in your MailPoet templates.


Short Code parameters

  • text : The text for the link
  • class: Class added for the link
  • style: Custom CSS added to the link
  • validity: The Valability of the JWT. Default value is one week
  • authCode: Auth Code that is required by Autologin. You will find this in Simple-JWT-Login plugin -> Auth Codes
  • redirectUrl: This URL will overwrite the SimpleJWTLogin settings, and it will specify where users will be redirected after autologin.
[custom:simple-jwt-login text="Login" class="myClassName" style="color:red;" validity="604800" authCode="1" redirectUrl=""]


  1. Download the add-on from
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Generate a short-code
  4. Insert the shortcode in your email templates



Email Template

Email preview