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Shortcode Configuration

To configure the shortcode, utilize the options provided by this plugin for generating the "Continue with Google" button:

[simple-jwt-login-oauth provider="google"]

The shortcode includes the following customization options:

  • provider: required Specifies the provider name, e.g., for Google, use google
  • background: Defines the background color style (e.g. #c8c8c8)
  • color: Specifies the text color style (e.g., #f2f2f2)
  • width: Sets the button width (e.g., 250px)
  • height: Determines the button height (e.g., 40px).
  • border: Specifies the button border style (e.g., 1px solid #000)

Example of full shortcode:

[simple-jwt-login-oauth provider="google" background="#c8c8c8" color="#f2f2f2" width="250px" height="40px" border="1px dotted blue"]