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OAuth Login

Enable OAuth on WordPress login

This ensures a seamless integration between your WordPress site and Google authentication, allowing for a secure and effective OAuth process. Once this option is enabled, on the WordPress login/register screens there will appear a new button: Continue with Google.

To enable OAuth on WordPress, it's crucial to ensure that you have the correct return_uri configured in Google.


Please make sure to set the following return_uri for "Authorized redirect URIs" in


To enable the Continue with Google button on your login screen, make sure you check the option Enable OAuth on WordPress login from WordPress.

Create user if not exists

If you will have google users that may not have an account on WordPress, you can select the Create user if not exists option from WordPress. If somebody uses the OAuth flow, and if there is no user with user_email equal with email from google, it will automatically create a random user, with this email and a random password.

For example, a new user can have:

"user_login": "user_23werowe",
"user_email": "",
"password": "some-random-generated-password"


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